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Stoves with Water Simulating Fireplaces

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Dry Stoves Simulating Fireplaces

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The imported Prity products are models with dry and watered systems which are in line with Turkish standartds, easy to use and with maximum heating capacity.

Prity heating system for storeys are used for heating homes and offices with solid fuel.

The central heating system with water for storeys are a simple, practical, profitable and economical heating alternative for heating areas of 50-200 aquare meters.

From the point of view of easy utilization and advantages, the central heating system with stoves and fireplaces are very similar to classical stoves. The pipes for entrance and discharce of hot water in stoves and fireplaces in this system are mounted on the radiators. By virtue of the circulation pump, the distribution of the heat is even among the radiators of the system. The open expansion tank mounted on the highest point of the system connects it with the atmosphere. To ensure that the circulation pump works during power failures, a continuous power resource must be connected with the pump.

The stoves and fireplaces with water reservoirs work on the basis of boilers for hearing the water. By virtue of its special design, it heats where it is located as well as the radiators in the other rooms.

All models are made of steel sheets which are 2-4 mm thick. The models are equipped with cast grill, feeding door, ash pani brick coating and valve to reduce the intake of the chimney.

The diversity of models facilitate the design desired to provide comfort, aesthetics and sufficientheat.